USD Credits

This is a semi closed in app currency for membership charging and digital content sales. USD Credits can be purchased by users but can only be withdrawn by business accounts. USD Credits cannot be transferred to others wthin the system except via mini apps hosted by a business. USD Credits can be bought using Credit Card, Bitcoin or converted from USDC on Stellar. Business accounts can withdraw via Stellar USDC, convert USD to Bitcoin or request payments via wire transfer.

Tagcash is open to working with other EMI Licensed Entities around the world, to integrate different Fiat currencies.

Closed Loop Currencies

A business account can create its own currencies, for closed loop rewards.

Gasless EVM Crypto Assets

Tagcash offers 2 mini apps for creation and management of ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 NFT Tokens running on the Tagcash Gasless EVM chain. NFT assets can be sold for USD Credits within the mini app

Access Tagcash

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