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Tagcash offers it's core application (built using open source code at, to developers who would like to create app modules and games that can either exist inside the main Tagcash application, as a standalone whitelabel application, or as both. Developing with Tagcash offers advantages of a user base to access your application, as well as all the services and modules that have already been built, including the wallet payment system, QR codes, NFC/RFID, location, advertising, role access control, user/merchant modes and much more. You can create your own app, commission Tagcash to create it for you, or a combination of both - Tagcash can develop the API and data structure, and you concentrate on the UI/UX. Once developed, your app would be accessible from the Apps and Services, Games, or other specific sections suitable for your app. This would be a good way to test the market with a new service, before launching a standalone app. There is also a demo mode that allows testing of data before making it live.


Tagcash is currently building community based apps, and city based apps in the Philippines, and expanding internationally as demands grow. These apps have multiple services, including e-commerce, auctions, blogging/news, chat, QR code based payments, location tracking and much more. Clients we build for can decide what modules apper in their app, and can continue their own development as needed, as we share the source code for each project. If you have a community that needs an app, we will build it. And best of all, we do it for free! So bring your community, and we will take care of the tech.


  • E-Wallet for money, rewards, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Stellar and ERC20 based tokens)
  • NFC, RFID for identification, faster interaction with the real world
  • QR code scanning for payments, identification, scanning for tickets, coupons etc.
  • User and merchant accounts. One user can have multiple merchant or group accounts
  • Clone and fork existing Tagcash modules (Shopping, logistics, tickets, elearning etc)
  • Permissioned roles, can be used for staff access or restricted user access
  • Location aware GPS tracking if (user must give permission)
  • Map views, with markers, using Mapbox or Google Maps
  • PDF upload, viewing and navigation
  • Video and camera capture and playback
  • Advertising module with auto payment per ad display, linked to your app or service
  • Permissioned Blockchain (multichain) for Data storage or timestamping. Your chain or ours
  • Node JS server and integration for real time data display
  • Many API calls, or we can create more for your needs, or you can integrate external APIs
  • Components can be designed for your needs, especially if other developers are likely to use them too

An open REST API is available to test and integrate, at This site incoporates a Swagger interface, with both live and demo sandbox modes. If you need specific API calls, we can also develop those within a few days.

As a merchant, you will want to integrate payments directly within your app or website. This is done with a simple API call that allows a user to enter their email and 4 digit PIN code to pay immediately. Optionally, a webhook URL would be added to notify your system that a certain payment was made and the action to take place after that. Other APIs include the ability to charge recurring amounts, split payments between different merchants including yourself (good for marketplaces), or to enable a customer to authorize you to deduct micropayments without using a PIN code.

RFIDs and QR codes are used extensively within tagcash for identification, payments, and accessing details of product, such as tickets, or coupons. All this is available via API, and Tagcash can create more APIs for different types of QR code or RFID usage.

Tagcash uses Multichain for data management and Stellar for asset creation and managment. Both chains are fully integrated into Tagcash apps, website and API. More details can be found on the developer site at

Tagcash builds super apps for communities for free, and any modules built for inclusion in the Tagcash Wallet application are also free. At the moment, there are no charges for white label apps built using existing modules, if these result in income streams for both the developer and Tagcash.

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Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI)

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